Happy Days & Social Hangovers

Soooo, it’s the morning after the day before…

 I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I went to Retrofestival with my beautiful vintage buddy, and bumped into family, friends and members of the inspirational vintage IG community. 

We decided to twin it up in our Rock n Romance hawaiian dresses and our Rocket Original shoes. Our hair was rolled, set and adorned with flowers, with red lippy masterfully applied (and reapplied throughout the day). 

It was so much fun. We watched the dancing and listened to the bands, drinking tea in the marquee (and later a couple of g&t’s πŸ˜‰) The place was buzzing. So many people had made an effort. They’d ‘got their vintage on’ and the atmosphere (as always at these events) was happy and friendly and full of fun.

We strolled around the market place, spending money on gorgeous vintage pieces, getting stopped for ‘photo opportunities’ on several occasions. 

We had a ball, and I felt good. My newly acquired hair extensions meant my rolls were in good form – no dropping and falling flat, and the dress felt divine, with the most flattering silhouette for everyone. In fact it’s so beautiful, we bumped into several other ladies with the same idea, and every one of them looked fabulous! 
So, why, after such a great day, am I feeling exhausted? I didn’t sleep well and was awake early this morning. My head is buzzing like it’s been overloaded with information that it can’t download. I feel tired, have a headache and feel socially hungover. And now I’m looking at all the photographs of myself and picking holes in them – I look awkward, I look huge, I have a double chin, I’m squinting, and I can’t pose. People must have been looking at us and thinking I was the ugly awkward one…. 
Why do we find it so hard to love ourselves? 

Why is it so easy to lift others whilst putting ourselves down? 

Why are we always comparing ourselves to others? 

Why is it so hard to accept a genuine compliment? 

Why is it easier to wallow in self destruction than embrace the wonderfulness of ourselves? 

Why do we focus so much on our outward appearances and neglect our inner souls? 

I don’t really know the answer to any of these questions. They are all part of the healing path I’m following. Seeking answers and learning to love myself the way I love the family and friends that surround, inspire and love me for who I am. It’s madness that we waste so much energy on self destruction and put so much importance on validation from others. 

Yesterday I felt great. 

Yesterday I had a wonderful time

Yesterday I loved my look

I always want my today to be like yesterday from now on. 

4 thoughts on “Happy Days & Social Hangovers

    • Thank you. I don’t mean to sound silly. It’s one of the ‘issues’ I have (I hate that word) but it’s really a blog to highlight why any of us think that way about ourselves, especially when others don’t see us that way at all


  1. Myrsini says:

    Love this blog. So many questions too little answers? My head is normally just as busy, but lately I’ve been keeping myself so busy that I don’t have time to do that too myself. I’ve also just learnt to accept who I am and what I look like now until I can work hard on getting fitter. Eating healthy I love, but I do allow myself a few cheats. We are really hard on ourselves most of the time, it’s good to remind each other that we can just have a break. That life is much bigger than what we look like, and that we should use our time experiencing more than just putting ourselves down. Emma, I think it’s amazing that you’re so open and honest about your social anxiety, and your inner thoughts, I just want to say, and I honestly mean it, if I had seen you at that retrofestival, you would not have been the awkward looking one(all the ladies looked glam), you have always looked beautiful to me and a very mystic beauty. Make friends with yourself, with your mind body and soul. Big love to you xxx

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Myrsini. That means a lot. I’ve just found, through some of my IG posts, that others are on similar journeys, and talking about these things, (which may seem trivial to some), really helps unburden the load, and shift some of the ‘crap’ from my head. It’s like journaling but on a public rather than private forum, and I find it a wonderful release. I’m so glad you are loving it too. xx


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