Cutting it…(exploring a vintage world)

Today on my IG Page, (@midcentury.muser) I posted pics of some 30’s style wardrobe combinations that are inspiring me for a forthcoming trip in the Spring.

I can’t wait for this trip to happen. I am beyond excited. Not only will I be going with my fabulous friend, but it will be a learning experience for me. Packed with a mix of historical sightseeing, cabarets, and hopefully a bit of vintage shopping. What’s not to get excited about?!

Well…there’s a rising panic I’m feeling, that despite my excitement, I am overwhelmingly worried about how I will look.

I’m dealing with the usual issues of weight loss etc, but one thing I’m very aware of in the ‘vintage world’ is the attention to detail, and getting that ‘look’, for whatever era, just right.

Unfortunately I’m not tiny enough to get into most true vintage items, but I don’t worry too much about that. There are some beautiful reproduction pieces out there that just look fabulous and I love to wear them. But I often feel like I just don’t quite come up to scratch, or that I try too hard and overstep the mark.

Nor does my hair lend itself to the staying power of vintage styling very well. And on the days when your vintage isn’t quite on it, or you can’t be too bothered, a good vintage hairstyle will always carry you through.

The hair, I’m discovering, is the secret (or not so secret) weapon.

But despite all my self doubts, I try to turn them around, and treat them as a challenge, because it’s exciting living in this vintage world. It keeps you on your toes. Gives you drive and excitement when you get things just the way you want them. It’s aspirational and inspiring. Creative and bold. And I love every anx ridden, self doubting moment of it, because however you choose to style yourself or your home, you will always have a look that’s individual.

I’m still very much trying to find my place when it comes to eras. Currently favouring the simple, elegance of the 30’s.

I do know though, that ‘vintage’ feels like home. And although I might not be completely on point or photogenic, I feel comfortable in that home. And when you get to my age, it’s all about the comfort!

‘Vintage’ word count: 10 🙄 (I love it, but I do get sick of saying it)

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